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still alive and dry..

really quick, me & my family are ok. no rain has even come yet, only there gusts of wind. and they talk of the calm before the storm, well, dustin and i keep walking outside to absorb it up. there's something beautiful about this, like, the way the winds howls and brings a chill...the leaves flying around and no one, no dogs, no birds and no nothing in sight..

it's supposed to hit beaumont in about an hour, and all night long i couldnt sleep, but only worry about keili as she lives there and barely left last night at about 11.. i worried all the way until about an hour ago when she let me know she finally made it to her destination..

so, all my loved ones are now safe, i'm safe & so now bring it on.

i'm ready, baby.

everyone stay safe & i'll keep in touch with all my friends.

i &hearts you guys!
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