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football time

i'm in heaven, and that's about the best way to describe it. she's so amazing that it often blows my mind. what in the world did i do to deserve her? i may never know, but then again i will never, ever question it. no way. she's sleeping behind me as i write this. i'm about to wake her up so we can go watch the UT/OU game. my baby is a good sport and ready to watch some college ball with me.

most days i just want to wake up and scream at the top of my lungs to the world about her, and other mornings i just want to cry b/c i'm so damn happy. i just can't express it enough b/c yeah, words couldn't possibly do it justice. i'm so going to get a good picture of us so that you guys can see. ;)

last night i watched anna & amy for gloria while she went to a concert. i had a blast with the girls, as well as keili did. i cried after hugging gloria bye. i'm sure going to miss them, but so thankful to have met them. afterall, no distance is far enough for me to not have friends. we'll definitely go visit them, no doubt.

ps., gloria, you're looking SO good, girl! ;D
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